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08 Sep


ECTA calls for focus on availability and openness of fibre networks, warns against unprofitable duplication

Brussels, 16th September 2008 – Groundbreaking research published today by WIK, reveals that high fixed costs will limit the availability of super fast broadband to many European homes and rural businesses. France has the best prospect of fibre rollout, with viability to 25% of households. The study also shows that the economics simply do not stack up for competitive operators to duplicate costly infrastructure on a wide scale and that access to fibre is a win-win scenario as it improves the business case for all providers, to the ultimate benefit of consumers

Click here for ECTA's full press release (PDF 94 KB)
Click here for WIK press release (PDF 86 KB)
Click here for executive summary of WIK NGA study (PDF 161 KB)
Click here for copy of WIK NGA study (ZIP 1.91 MB)

05 Aug

The ECTA Broadband Scorecard was first launched in 2001 and is now recognised as an industry benchmark with it now being used regularly by the European Commission, National Regulators and major institutions such as the OECD.  

ECTA collates and publishes data on a bi-annual basis tracking progress on Broadband Penetration and Local Loop Unbunding in the 25 Member States across Europe. 

The scorecards are listed in chronological order. 
For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Broadband Scorecard Q3 - 2008
Press Release Q308 Click here (48KB)
Download xls version Click here (1.6MB)
Download xls version ZIP File Click here (145KB)   
Download PDF version Click here (76KB) 

Broadband Scorecard Q1 - 2008
Press Release Q108 Click here (PDF 196 KB)
Download xls version - Click here (1565 KB)
Download PDF version ZIP File - Click here (105 KB)

14 Apr

Regulatory Scorecard 2008 - Executive Summary
Click here (PDF 576 KB)

Regulatory Scorecard 2008 - Methodology
Click here  (Zip 1.5 MB) 

Annexes to the Regulatory Scorecard 2008
Click here (Zip 1.2 MB)

06 Nov

2007 Regulatory Scorecard
Click here (Zip 610 KB) 

Corrigendum - updated February 2008
Click here for list of changes

Annexes to the 2007 Regulatory Scorecard
Click here (Zip 871 KB)

SPC Networks Regulatory Scorecard Investment Report 2007 - 28th November 2007
Click here (PDF 240 KB)

16 Apr

Broadband Scorecard Q3 - 2007
Press Release Q307 Click here (PDF 244 KB)
Download xls version Click here (2658KB)
Download xls version ZIP File Click here (218KB)

Broadband Scorecard Q1 - 2007
Press Release Q107 Click here (PDF 222KB)
Download xls version - Click here (2744KB)
Download xls version ZIP File - Click here (239KB).
Download PDF version ZIP File Click here (301KB).

24 Oct

2006 Regulatory Scorecard - 11th December 2006
Click here (Zip 1558 KB).
ECTA Press Release "Benchmark telecoms study shows Europe still a patchwork picture of liberalisation"  - 11th December 2006
Click here (PDF 296 KB).

16 Oct

Broadband Scorecard Q3 - 2006
Press Release Q306 Click here (PDF 230KB)
Special German Press Release Click here (PDF 157KB)
Download xls version - Click here (1460KB)
Download pdf version - Click here (78KB)

Broadband Scorecard Q2 - 2006
ECTA did not provide any Q2 2006 Scorecard. From this point on ECTA will only provide the Q1 and Q3 Scorecards. ECTA thanks everyone for their interest and continuing support.

Broadband Scorecard Q1 - 2006
Press Release Q106 Click here(PDF 275KB)
Download xls version - Click here(161KB)
Download pdf version - Click here(78KB)

14 Jun

2005 Regulatory Scorecard - updated April 2006
Click here (Zip 1.07 MB)

The European investment document - April 2006
Click here (Word 253 KB)
The Response to Indepen's critique of the Regulatory Scorecard - July 2006
Click here (Word 45.5 KB)

20 Apr

2004 Regulatory Scorecard
Click here (Zip 634 KB)

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