European Competitive Telecommunications Association

10 May

10 May 2019 - ecta response to the European Commission's Targeted Consultation on the Recommendation on the relevant product and service markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible to ex-ante regulation. 

TC on Relevant Markets

For the full ecta response please click HERE

10 Apr

10 April 2019 - ecta Response to BEREC Public Consultation on Very High Capacity Networks Public Consultation Questionnaires

BEREC Gathering input to the drafting pf hte BEREC Guidelines on VHC Networks 10 Apr 19

For the full ecta response click HERE

23 Jan

23 January 2019 - ecta Response to BEREC Public Consultation on Access to Physical Infrastructure in the Context of Market Analyses

Access to Physical in frastructure in the context of market analyses

For the full ecta response click HERE

18 Jan

18 January 2019 - ecta Response to the Public Consultation on the Draft BEREC Report on Terminating Contracts and Switching Provider

Terminating contracts and switching provider

For the full ecta response click HERE

18 Jan

18 January 2019 - ecta Response to BEREC Public Consultation on Mobile Infrastructure Sharing

Mobile infrastructure sharin 18 jan 19

For the full ecta response click HERE


01 Jan

Regulatory Forum

ecta coordinates its inputs into the European institutions through its Regulatory Forum. The Forum, which meets 3-4 times a year, plans in the context of emerging issues and priorities of the industry and provides a focused discussion and networking opportunity for Members. It is underpinned by policy groups, chaired and populated by ecta Members, which go into greater detail on individual issues and prepare submissions, hold discussions with decision-makers and disseminate publicity material. All of these activities are supported and implemented by ecta's full-time staff.

Working groups

Produce output on key issues (implementation, broadband, mobile, spectrum, business services, regulatory economics, e-commerce)
Political messages/lobbying plan (public policy)

Please note: Working Groups are open to (a) ecta Full Members (b) nominated secretariat of Affiliate Members (c) Associate Members (by invitation only where the member has offered support through pro bono work).

If you are interested in participating in these working groups please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Drive cross-discipline task forces (Framework review, NGN)
  • Support and input to working groups
  • Co-ordinate scorecards
  • Develop regulatory action plan and lobbying strategy
  • Represent industry and facilitate lobbying (eg seminars, meetings)
  • Regulatory conference agendas and speakers
  • Direct support to members for regulatory/lobbying effectiveness

For more than 20 years, ecta has served as a strong advocate for the Competitive telecommunications industry before the EU Commission, European Parliament, National Regulatory Authorities and Government representatives. Moreover, ecta has played an active part in overseeing the development and implementation of the New Telecoms Framework in Europe.


04 Dec

4 December 2018 - ecta Response to the Open Public Consultation for building trust in Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM)

CAM consultation

For the full ecta response click HERE

21 Nov

21 November 2018 - ecta Response to BEREC Public Consultation on the Data Economy

BEREC consultation on Data economy 21 Nov 18

For the full ecta response click HERE


07 Nov

7 November 2018 - ecta response to BEREC Public Consultation on the Work Programme 2019

BEREC Draft Work Programme 2019 7 Nov 18

For the full ecta response click HERE

07 Nov

7 November 2018 - ecta Response to BEREC Public Consultation Draft Report on Pricing Aspects of the BCRD

BEREC Report on Pricing for Access to Infrastructure and Civil Works According to the BCRD

For the full ecta response click HERE

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