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12 Apr


Brussels, 12th April 2011

WIK’s new study examines the business case for fibre investment and assesses the effect of regulated wholesale charges on investment decisions, retail prices, competition and consumer welfare. The report concludes that, to stimulate rapid fibre deployment and take-up, regulators should signal significant reductions in copper wholesale charges whilst permitting the copper network to be rapidly switched off if open fibre is installed. The full report and press release are available below.
Click here for a copy of the WIK study (PDF 2.3MB)
Click here for the WIK press release (PDF 81KB)

31 Mar
08 Mar
17 Feb
18 Jan
08 Sep

A consultation on key questions arising from the issue of net neutrality was launched by the European Commission on 30 June 2010 - covering such issues as whether internet providers should be allowed to adopt certain traffic management practices, prioritising one kind of internet traffic over another, whether such traffic management practices may create problems and have unfair effects for users, whether the level of competition between different internet service providers and the transparency requirements of the new telecom framework may be sufficient to avoid potential problems by allowing consumers' choice and whether the EU needs to act further to ensure fairness in the internet market, or whether industry should take the lead. European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, announced in April 2010 her intention to launch this consultation in order to take forward Europe's net neutrality debate (see SPEECH/10/153). The consultation will feed into a Commission report on net neutrality, which should be presented by the end of this year. 

Click here for ECTA's response

The consultation document is available at

01 Jun

The ECTA Regulatory Scorecard 2009 was launched on 1 June 2010 at a lunch in the European Parliament which was kindly hosted by Pilar del Castillo Vera MEP.  MEPs and senior policy maker participated and the latest scorecard generated much interest and discussion.

The annual ECTA Regulatory Scorecard, is produced in consultation with National Regulatory Authorities and telecoms companies, and benchmarks the telecoms regulatory framework in 22 European countries.  Results show that in the most competitive markets where non-discrimination is strongly enforced and competitors have access to bottleneck infrastructure at fair prices, such as the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark, citizens and businesses get better services at lower prices resulting in high broadband usage. By contrast, entrants in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria face the most difficult market conditions and lag behind EU average on broadband take-up.

Executive Summary
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Regulatory Scorecard 2009
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Annexes to the Regulatory Scorecard 2009
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10 May

DG Information Society and Media launched a public consultation on future universal service principles in the area of electronic communications networks and services. A public workshop on this matter was also held in Brussels on 30 March 2010. 
This consultation is part of the European Commission's follow-up to its Declaration on universal service to the European Parliament in the context of the negotiation of the 'Telecom Package' in 2009 and the second periodic review of the scope of universal service in 2008 (COM(2008) 572).

Click here for ECTA's response

02 Apr

Click here for ECTA's response

01 Apr

In early March, the Commission launched a public consultation on the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme. The deadline for responses was 9 April 2010.
Click herefor ECTA's response

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