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22 Sep
26 Feb

The Future of Regulation - an analysis of developments in EU Telecoms Markets and the implications for the European Commission's Review of Relevant Markets

Click here for a copy of the executive summary (PDF 544KB)

Click here for a copy of the full report (PDF 2.4MB)

16 Jan
06 Mar

6 March 2012

A new report carried out by the research and consulting group WIK on the state of play of Next Generation Access (NGA) has found that the target set by Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes for 50% of households to use ultra-fast broadband by 2020 may be at risk because fibre networks have not been effectively opened to competition.

Click here for a copy of the WIK NGA Progress Report (PDF 1.7MB) 

16 Dec

Cost Methodologies and Pricing Schemes to Support the Transition to NGA

December 2011

WIK contributes to the Commission’s consultation on costing methodologies for key wholesale access products issued on 3 October 2011

Click here for a copy of the WIK Cost Methodologies Report (PDF 861KB) click here for further information

12 Apr


Brussels, 12th April 2011

WIK’s new study examines the business case for fibre investment and assesses the effect of regulated wholesale charges on investment decisions, retail prices, competition and consumer welfare. The report concludes that, to stimulate rapid fibre deployment and take-up, regulators should signal significant reductions in copper wholesale charges whilst permitting the copper network to be rapidly switched off if open fibre is installed. The full report and press release are available below.
Click here for a copy of the WIK study (PDF 2.3MB)
Click here for the WIK press release (PDF 81KB)

01 Jun

The ECTA Regulatory Scorecard 2009 was launched on 1 June 2010 at a lunch in the European Parliament which was kindly hosted by Pilar del Castillo Vera MEP.  MEPs and senior policy maker participated and the latest scorecard generated much interest and discussion.

The annual ECTA Regulatory Scorecard, is produced in consultation with National Regulatory Authorities and telecoms companies, and benchmarks the telecoms regulatory framework in 22 European countries.  Results show that in the most competitive markets where non-discrimination is strongly enforced and competitors have access to bottleneck infrastructure at fair prices, such as the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark, citizens and businesses get better services at lower prices resulting in high broadband usage. By contrast, entrants in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria face the most difficult market conditions and lag behind EU average on broadband take-up.

Executive Summary
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Regulatory Scorecard 2009
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Annexes to the Regulatory Scorecard 2009
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07 Apr

The ECTA Broadband Scorecard was first launched in 2001 and is now recognised as an industry benchmark with it now being used regularly by the European Commission, National Regulators and major institutions such as the OECD.  

ECTA collates and publishes data on a bi-annual basis tracking progress on Broadband Penetration and Local Loop Unbunding in the 25 Member States across Europe. 

The scorecards are listed in chronological order. 
For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Broadband Scorecard Q3 - 2009
Download xls version Click here (1.7MB)
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Broadband Scorecard Q1 - 2009
Press Release Q109 Click here (59KB)
Download xls version Click here (1.7MB)
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Download PDF version Click here (114KB)

08 Sep


ECTA calls for focus on availability and openness of fibre networks, warns against unprofitable duplication

Brussels, 16th September 2008 – Groundbreaking research published today by WIK, reveals that high fixed costs will limit the availability of super fast broadband to many European homes and rural businesses. France has the best prospect of fibre rollout, with viability to 25% of households. The study also shows that the economics simply do not stack up for competitive operators to duplicate costly infrastructure on a wide scale and that access to fibre is a win-win scenario as it improves the business case for all providers, to the ultimate benefit of consumers

Click here for ECTA's full press release (PDF 94 KB)
Click here for WIK press release (PDF 86 KB)
Click here for executive summary of WIK NGA study (PDF 161 KB)
Click here for copy of WIK NGA study (ZIP 1.91 MB)

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