European Competitive Telecommunications Association

27 Nov
27 Nov
30 Oct

Part I: 2006 Review- Response on Directives.  
Click here to access the document (Word 181 KB)

Part II: 2006 Review- Response on Relevant Markets.  
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28 Sep

ECTA developed position papers showing the importance of business services to the wider economy and advocating a business-friendly approach to regulation taking account of the differences between business and consumer needs. The three papers provided respectively deals with the need for harmonisation in the business services sector, Ethernet Access and B2B regulation. 
Click here for ECTA's Harmonisation Paper
Click here for B2B Regulation Paper

22 May

This submission is in response to the Commission consultation of 3 April 2006 on its Proposal for a Regulation (EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council on mobile roaming services in the Single Market

24 Apr

This ECTA paper reflects the views of members which are non-incumbent providers of telecoms networks, and as such does not incorporate, where such positions would conflict with these views, positions of incumbent operators within the sector or those of providers of non-telecoms services. 

ECTA welcomes and supports the principles in the Discussion Paper. ECTA is an association of pro-competitive telecoms operators with first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of facing exclusionary abuses by incumbent telecoms operators. With this background, the association, representing a majority of its members, would like to bring to the attention of DG COMP that the principles enunciated in the Discussion Paper could have an impact in the electronic communications industry.. 
Click here to access ECTA's response (PDF 363 KB) 

19 Apr

This ECTA paper is in response to: Consultation on the identification of "new markets" in telecommunications and on their regulatory treatment (as published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Network Agency 4/2006, 22 February 2006)
Click here to access ECTA's response (PDF 174 KB)

07 Apr

ECTA welcomes the opportunity to offer comments to DG Competition's Discussion Paper on the application of Article 82 of the Treaty to exclusionary abuses. 

ECTA supports the initiative and the Commission Discussion Paper. The comments in this reply are provided in order to highlight specific concerns, where ECTA considers that on some issues the Discussion Paper could be more specific and that it would be helpful if the Guidelines were more comprehensive, to provide needed guidance in an uncertain area of law. 
Click here to download a copy of the paper

30 Jan

ECTA welcomes the opportunity to input to the European Commission's review of the EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications and Recommendation on Relevant Markets Susceptible to Ex-Ante Regulation. We consider that both the Framework and the Recommendation have played a vital role in driving competition and growth in Europe's telecom sector, and this is vital to underpin the entire i2010 initiative and to ensure that the next generation of users and consumers continue to benefit from competition as the market evolves. 

12 Jan

ECTA welcomes the opportunity to comment on proposed revisions to the ERG Remedies paper, which remains an important tool in promoting consistent application of the Framework. We offer detailed comments in the submission below, but would like to highlight the following points as being particularly critical to ensuring that the revised paper promotes harmonised and effective pro-competitive regulation and provides sufficient certainty and comfort for all telecoms investors across the EU. 
Click here to download a copy of the paper
Click here to download a copy of ECTA's presentation to the public hearing

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