European Competitive Telecommunications Association

14 Feb

Brussels, 14 February 2019. Today, ecta’s Board of Directors elected Emmanuel Forest, Executive Vice-President European and Institutional Affairs, Bouygues Group as new Chairman of the Board.

Emmanuel Forest succeeds Gijs Phoelich who served as Chairman for the last three years.

04 Dec

Brussels, 04 December 2018. Today, the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council approved a new legislative framework for the telecommunications sector in the EU.  ecta, representing the widest range of competitive telecommunications operators, welcomes the vote and calls on Members States to take the fullest possible account of pro-competitive options under the Code when licensing 5G spectrum during the transition to full implementation of the new rules into national law.

28 Nov

Brussels, 28 November 2018

Ahead of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting of 4 December, businesses from across all sectors of the European economy would like to reiterate their concern about the proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation. Despite ongoing negotiations in the Council, the text remains far from addressing the many substantive issues that have been raised since the proposal was first put forward. We therefore urge Member States to signal clearly that negotiations with the European Parliament should not be rushed on the basis of a flawed text, which would have profound repercussions for the European economy.

14 Nov

Strasbourg 14 November 2018. Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of a new legislative framework for the telecommunications sector in the EU. ecta, representing the widest range of competitive telecommunications operators, welcomed the vote, stressing that pro-competitive implementation of the new rules will decide whether the EU Gigabit vision can become reality.

11 Sep

Berlin / Brussels, 12 September 2018. On the occasion of the annual German Gigabit symposium, ecta supports leading German associations in sending a strong message to politicians and the administration to create the right conditions for advancing Gigabit connectivity and to highlight the need for a strong competitive underpinning.

26 Jul

Brussels, 26 July 2018.  In a judgment delivered yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) rejects on all counts Orange's appeal to overturn the General Court's confirmation of abuses committed by it Polish subsidiary, or to reduce the fine imposed. ecta, having intervened at both stages of the proceedings, welcomes this judgment, notably for rejecting Orange`s attempt to have its investments recognised as mitigating circumstances in fine-setting.
Case reference: C-123/16 P Orange Polska v Commission, judgment of 25.7.2018, ECLI:EU:C:2018:590.

19 Jun


Gothenburg, 19 June 2018 The European Automotive and Telecom Alliance (EATA) supports the push by EU member states to address challenges to getting connected and automated vehicles on Europe’s roads in a far-reaching, coordinated manner.

Ministers from the 28 EU member states agreed today on a range of important actions to facilitate a timely deployment of connected and automated vehicles, during the third high-level meeting on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD). The European Automotive and Telecom Alliance, EATA, took part into the discussions and provided ministers with an industry perspective.

06 Jun

Brussels, 06.06.2018: Today ECTA celebrates its 20th anniversary of promoting competition for the greater good of society.

ECTA recalls that effective competition is the key of current and future success of the Gigabit Society and the European Union has achieved a lot in the past 20 years through liberalisation. Pro-competitive access regulation has been and remains instrumental.

31 May


Brussels, 31 May 2018: Ahead of the 8 June TTE Council, we urge Member States to remain cautious in their examination of the draft ePrivacy Regulation (ePR). Limited progress has been achieved since the beginning of Council discussions early last year and many questions remain open. More time is needed to assess the ePR’s scope of application, its overlaps with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on all sectors of the economy.

14 May

Brussels, 14 May 2018

Dear negotiator,

The end of competition in EU electronic communications will cripple the Connected Digital Single Market

After more than 19 months of interinstitutional exchange, ECTA is today writing to you to share its concern that the EU's vision for a Connected Digital Single Market risks being stopped dead in its tracks before it can effectively take off.

The reason: connectivity, the key ingredient powering all aspects of the Digital Single Market, is about to lose its competitive foundation in the negotiations on a proposed European Electronic Communications Code – the negotiations in which you participate.

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