European Competitive Telecommunications Association

23 Jun

ECTA welcomes Norman Broadbent as new member

London, June, 2010: Norman Broadbent, the leading Executive Search, HR Consultancy and Leadership Consultancy firm has become a member of ECTA, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association. Joining as an ‘Associate’ member, Norman Broadbent wishes to demonstrate its commitment to and expertise in the communications sector and aims to help ECTA members better understand and address the challenges of executive talent acquisition, management and development. Norman Broadbent will pursue three main activities, working closely with ECTA, namely: 

27 May

New Report finds competitive telecoms market drives EU economic recoveryEffective regulation and open telecoms market earn the Netherlands top place in telecoms scorecard. Dutch consumers benefit from better services, lower prices and high broadband usage

Brussels, 27 May 2010: Countries with the most effective telecoms regulation have open and competitive markets that foster higher broadband penetration, which generates more jobs and boosts economic growth. National Regulators need to be better equipped to take consistent action, finds the 2010 Regulatory Scorecard published by pro-competition body ECTA.

19 May

ECTA welcomes the Commission´s commitment to reinforce the single market and to encourage investment in open and competitive fibre access networks

The pro-competitive body calls for the vigorous application of competition rules to fibre access networks - consumers and businesses will pay a high price if competition rules are relaxed and wholesale pricing flexibility is permitted to dominant telcos

Brussels, 19 May 2010; ECTA strongly supports the Commission’s renewed commitment to reinforce the single market for telecommunications services as outlined in the new European Digital Agenda presented by Commissioner Kroes today. 
“A fully functioning single market would benefit consumers and businesses by bringing wider choice, lower prices and higher broadband speeds” said ECTA Chairman Hubertus von Roenne. 

03 Mar

Europe’s €25bln digital deficit 
Internet speeds four times higher in better regulated markets, study finds Governments must tackle telecoms monopolies for Europe’s recovery, says ECTA

Brussels, 3 March 2010: Consumers and businesses are losing €25bn per year and broadband speeds are being restricted due to uncompetitive telecoms markets, reveals a study on Europe’s Digital Deficit released today.

25 Jan

Hubertus von Roenne elected Chairman of ECTA
Calls for firm measures from President Barroso to secure open pan-EU telecoms market

Brussels, 25 January 2010: The European Competitive Telecoms Association (ECTA) has announced the election of Hubertus von Roenne as chairman of the board of directors for 2010.

08 Dec

New Commission must reinvigorate the single market and strengthen its commitment to competition
ECTA conference debates priorities for the Digital Economy

Brussels, 8 December 2009; Key policy-makers from European Parliament and EU Council Presidency will debate the priorities for the incoming European Commission alongside industry leaders at the 10th annual ECTA conference being held in Brussels today.
The opening session, which features speeches from the Swedish and Spanish Communications Ministers and Pilar del Castillo, the MEP in charge of the Parliament’s report on Europe’s digital agenda, will focus debate on how to ensure a renewed impetus behind liberalized telecoms under the new administration.

24 Nov

The debate is over:  now we expect action
ECTA looks to new Commission to reinvigorate the single market and strengthen its commitment to competition during the next five years

Brussels, 24 November 2009 – As the Telecoms package is approved today in Strasbourg the European Competitive Telecoms Association (ECTA) looks to the newly appointed Commission to reinvigorate the single market for competition and promote a level playing field across the EU27.
The Telecoms Package contains important proposals that confirm Europe’s commitment to open and competitive telecoms markets including the power for regulators to separate dominant firms if they fail to abide by competition rules and a clear signal that fibre networks should be opened for competition.

29 Oct

ECTA Welcomes Commissions’ Digital Dividend proposals and calls for pro-competitive measures
Congratulates Mrs Reding on taking one, European approach instead of 27 national ones

Brussels, 29 October 2009 – The European Competitive Telecoms Association, ECTA, welcomes the Commission’s Digital Dividend proposals due at the end of this month, which make recommendations to allocate the airwaves (spectrum) that will be freed up and made available for mobile broadband in a number of Member States in the coming years as analogue TV is switched off.   It particularly congratulates the Commissioner for fostering one, European approach rather than 27 national ones
However ECTA highlights that the competitive consequences of Digital Dividend spectrum allocation need to be specifically addressed.   If competition is allowed to flourish, ECTA believes that the harmonizing and coordination measures the Commission has put forward for allocating the 800 MHz band have the potential to usher in a whole new era of high speed digital services for European consumers. 

17 Sep

ECTA welcomes Commission state aid rules on high speed broadband
Sees enhanced role for Governments to promote open and future

Brussels, 17 September 2009 – ECTA welcomes the Commission’s new rules on state aid for fibre networks. As old copper lines are being replaced with fibre networks allowing unlimited speeds and a plethora of new, yet unimaginable services clarification of state aid rules is vital.

12 Jun


Brussels, 12 June 2009 – New proposals from the European Commission on ‘fibre access networks’ could allow dominant firms to escape regulation, limiting choice in TV and broadband services, ECTA warns. The Commission’s proposed “Recommendation on Next Generation Access” suggests that if incumbents make a deal with just one operator, they could avoid requirements to offer cost-based access allowing their rivals to offer alternative services.

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