European Competitive Telecommunications Association

23 Apr

Today, the European Parliament voted on a report proposing amendments to the European Commission’s proposal for a revised Payment Services Regulation.

The European telecommunications industry recognises the importance of revising payment service rules to improve consumer protection in electronic payments. We are keen to work closely with the banking sector to fight against impersonation fraud.

Therefore, we call policymakers to find a proportionate and workable solution by deepening cooperation between the two sectors without changing the liability regime.

To be effective in fighting impersonation fraud and safeguarding consumers, the final text should strike the right balance and ensure that any additional obligations on telecommunications providers are aligned with what is legally and technically feasible.

10 Apr


Dear Permanent Representative,


On behalf of BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation and ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association, we would like to express our preliminary observations on the recently published European Commission White Paper “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs”[1] and the current discussions regarding the future regulatory framework of the EU telecoms sector, ahead of the Informal Meeting of EU Telecoms Ministers on 11-12 April 2024 in Louvain-la-Neuve.

05 Mar


Brussels, 5 March 2024 ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association presents its manifesto for the European elections.


06 Feb

Brussels, 6 February 2024, ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association appreciates the efforts of the European Commission, Parliament, and Council in achieving a political agreement on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act, which could have been a major step forward in achieving connectivity targets. Unfortunately, ecta is concerned that the outcome does not sufficiently reflect the ambitions to which the telecom industry is committed within the EU and arrives too late.

01 Feb

Brussels, February 1st, 2024 – The EU telecommunications industry is united in voicing strong concerns around the ongoing “Gigabit Infrastructure Act” Regulation negotiations and warns of unintended consequences if proposals are implemented in their current form.

05 Dec

Today, the Council of the European Union is expected to agree on a negotiating mandate (‘general approach’) on the proposal for a Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA), i.e. a Regulation on measures to reduce the cost of deploying gigabit electronic communications networks across the European Union.

The European telecommunications industry strongly disapproves of the Council’s draft general approach on the GIA.

09 Nov


BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation and ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association, express their concerns and observations on the current discussions regarding the future regulatory framework governing the EU telecoms sector.


20 Oct

Brussels,  20 October 2023, 


"The European model, deeply rooted in a pro-competitive EU ex-ante legal framework for electronic communications, has consistently proven its success.

It delivers indisputable benefits to EU citizens, companies and administrations which rely on connectivity every day. There is no justification to dismantle or alter the existing regulatory paradigm in the electronic communications sector."

27 Sep


27 September 2023

Our Associations ECTA, ETNO, GIGAEurope and GSMA Europe represent the European telecommunications industry. Our industry plays a crucial part in connecting European citizens and businesses and facilitating the EU green and digital transition.

16 May

Brussels, 16 May 2023, ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association welcomes BEREC's Opinion[1] on the draft European Commission Recommendation on the regulatory promotion of Gigabit connectivity[2]. It confirms not only the severe concerns expressed earlier by ecta but also the legal analysis provided by internationally renowned law firm Jones Day.

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