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Fully convergent, modular settlement system design delivers enhanced productivity, audit compliance, lowered total cost of ownership and increased revenue potential

London, June 15, 2006 Intec, a global provider of business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) for fixed, mobile and next-generation networks, has launched the latest version of Intec Interconnect (previously known as InterconnecT), the world's leading convergent rating, billing and settlement solution.

A modular, flexible solution, Intec Interconnect v7.1 supports all service architectures and all settlement billing models, from voice, data and SMS interconnection to international route-based tariffs (ITU), new IP and revenue sharing based agreements with multimedia content, VoIP and m-commerce partners. The system offers customers a seamless and efficient transition from traditional telephony into the world of IP and content from the same, single platform.

Intec, recently highlighted in independent research from Analysys as the top vendor by announced wholesale billing and mediation system sales in 2005 and a key vendor to watch, confirmed that this latest enhancement has already been contracted by significant existing and new customers including TelstraClear, New Zealand's second largest full service telecommunications provider, and Mobilink, Pakistan's leading cellular provider.

The system enables operators, regardless of the industry sector, to tap into new revenue streams made available through VoIP, IP and content services. Architectures such as IMS have enabled operators to trial new services, for example Person to Person (P2P) multimedia communications. E-commerce and IPTV services are gaining in popularity due to the increased penetration of high-speed broadband. M-commerce is growing with the increasing deployment of 3G networks. Intec Interconnect v7.1 enables operators to take advantage of these technology advancements by making available several relevant features such as advanced revenue sharing and matrix rating. These out-of-the-box features facilitate the rapid introduction of new products and services.

Hassan Iftikhar, Intec vice president of product management, said, With Intec Interconnect v7.1, you choose the functionality needed to suit different environments and settlement requirements. Requirements such as pre-processing, ITU, automated reconciliation and partner relationship management become useful for many service providers as they reach specific milestones in their business development. For example, allowing partners secure, web-based self service facilities may become cost effective after specific services are implemented or after a particular number of partners are acquired.

Intec Interconnect v7.1 includes a powerful and flexible EDR formatter and pre-processing capability to load network traffic and revenue records for settlement. It can rate and summarize these events alongside other components, including recurring charges and volume-based agreements. Automated reconciliation tools, extensive reports and partner self-service web portals make settlement communication and dispute management efficient and precise. v7.1 fully integrates with ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle Financials, with separate billing cycles for timely generation of invoices. Intec Interconnect v7.1 enhances productivity with tools such as Smart Error Management to quickly identify and correct errors, XCopy to rapidly create new agreements and franchises, and country-specific data loaders, for example the automated BT Carrier Price List loader for the UK market.

Intec Interconnect is the world's leading wholesale settlement product with over 250 customers including operators such as Orange, Telefonica, Reliance and Vodafone, added Intec CEO Kevin Adams. v7.1 builds on this success to add the capabilities and performance required by the latest content and packet-based services such as VoIP, m-Commerce, e-Commerce and IPTV. It has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with other products within the Intec portfolio to provide market-specific solutions. Intec, through Interconnect and its broader BSS/OSS portfolio which includes retail billing, traffic trading and routing, convergent mediation, service activation and dynamic charging and rating, is helping operators across the globe to maintain or increase profit margins in the face of new competition. We enable customers to launch new services, deliver new revenue and streamline existing processes.

Intec Interconnect v7.1 reinforces an established commitment to transparency and compliancy with audit regulations. All enhancements to the product, such as smart re-pricing and file undo, comply with audit principles. Using the rated-EDR extract feature it is possible to extract with ease all or a portion of the rated EDRs that make up an invoice, as the invoice's ultimate justification. The audit features of the system put operators in a strong position when it comes to resolving disputes and prevailing in hostile audits.

For further information about Intec, please click here

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