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Cuatrecasas, Olivencia-Ballester celebrates in Seville its new phase in Adaulsia

Cuatrecasas, Olivencia-Ballester will offer the Andalusian business world a comprehensive legal service, giving it the opportunity to compete in national and international markets.

7 February 2007. The law firm Cuatrecasas, Olivencia-Ballester made its recent merger official in a ceremony held at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville. Numerous personalities from business, institutional and legal circles in Seville and Andalusia attended the event.

In June 2006, the law firms Cuatrecasas and Olivencia-Ballester agreed to merge their professional practices, whereby Olivencia-Ballester would maintain its culture, structure and internal composition and the firm's Andalusian office would adopt, with a view to the future, the joint name Cuatrecasas, Olivencia-Ballester. Consequently, Olivencia-Ballester began to compete on a national and international scale and Cuatrecasas entered Andalusia accompanied by Olivencia-Ballester's prestige.

The merger of Cuatrecasas and Olivencia-Ballester has allowed the firm to offer Andalusian businesses its legal services at regional, national and international levels, covering all practice areas of business law.

Manuel Olivencia's national and international significance in corporate law and arbitration will strengthen these important areas in Cuatrecasas, where he will hold the positions of deputy chairman of the firm and chairman of its Academic Committee.

Francisco Ballester, co-founding partner of Olivencia-Ballester and an expert in corporate law, will direct, as a new Cuatrecasas partner, the Cuatrecasas, Olivencia-Ballester office in Andalusia, and join the firm's Board of Directors.

The legal profession in the 21st century

At the opening ceremony, Emilio Cuatrecasas outlined the business legal profession in the 21st century. Globalisation will not be successful without globalisation of the justice system as without law, justice and the legal profession, people cannot make fair progress or live in peace, he claimed.

According to the firm's chairman, the new role of the legal profession is based on a change of attitude: from the traditional relationship of compartmentalisation, in which lawyers provide advice to solve specific problems, to advice that is the fruit of cooperation between lawyers and clients: in the new legal world, clients demand useful ideas, recommendations and advice that add value.

According to Emilio Cuatrecasas, the new lawyer has two basic functions: preventive advice and participation in making business decisions. Preventive advice is becoming increasingly necessary given that in the future, the regulation, demand and responsibility of everyone will considerably increaseâ. Moreover, although it is still quite uncommon, legal strategy must become part of the production and distribution chain by giving ideas, cooperating in projects, advising on models and suggesting commercial structuresâ.

Emilio Cuatrecasas concluded that if this new legal profession is to succeed, lawyers must intensify their traditional commitments: More commitment to law, more commitment to the code of professional ethics, more commitment to our clients and more commitment to society.

Cuatrecasas: three generations united by law

Cuatrecasas, one of the leading law firms on the Iberian Peninsula, has a team of over 800 lawyers. Founded in 1917, its legal practice covers all areas of business law. By combining corporate law and litigation with a powerful tax, financial and labour practice, it offers its clients comprehensive legal advice that emphasises a personal approach and achieving results. Cuatrecasas offers advice through its network of offices located in the main cities of Spain and Portugal, as well as in Brussels, London, New York, Paris and Sao Paulo.

  • Best Managed Firm Award Europe 2006 by the Managing Partners Forum
  • Best Spanish Law Firm of the Year 2005 by the International Law Office
  • Iberian Law Firm of the Year 2004 by the British publication Chambers

Contact details:
Gabinete de Comunicacion (Press Office)
Tel: +34 91 524 73 50
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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