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London, UK, 19 June 2007 - Interoute, owner of Europe's most advanced next-generation voice and data network, has announced a new innovation that makes corporate voice calls as easy to manage and as cost effective as email, and all without the need for costly new hardware or complex integration issues.

The new service called Interoute One makes unified communications easy to set up and will drastically reduce call costs, slash migration time to VoIP-based telephony and offer a secure corporate service.

Interoute enables companies using Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 or Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to form the world's biggest business community, sharing secure Instant Messaging (IM), presence and video calls across corporate networks.

The Interoute One platform enables companies using Microsoft's unified communications software to interconnect in a unified, free speaking community without additional infrastructure.

Eric Swift, Senior Director of Product Management for Microsoft's Unified Communications Group, said: We are pleased to see companies like Interoute embrace the flexibility of Microsoft's unified communications software and make federated interoperability with their network easier for customers. By connecting with Interoute's network, organizations can communicate with more people using Office Communicator for VoIP, video and instant messaging.

It only takes 10 minutes to connect (or federate¬Ě) to the Interoute One platform, at, quickly enabling direct communication with other companies and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), without the need for additional hardware, difficult integration or expensive upgrades. The solution acts as an intelligent bridge so businesses only need to register once to Interoute One, rather than create bilateral agreements with each individual company.

Jim Kinsella, Interoute's CEO, said: We have been working with Microsoft technologies since 2006 to develop this solution, and we're very proud of the innovation that has gone into its development. Unified communications is the future of telephony, and we're uniquely positioned to deliver that promise with our European network. Interoute One is the first genuinely secure corporate VoIP federation service for business that's quick and easy to implement. On top of the security benefits all calls to your business community are free and other calls are competitively priced.'

Interoute One also offers secure and safe roaming for all remote workers, significantly reducing mobile expenses whilst enabling employees to be contacted at their desktop wherever they are in the world. The provision of a single telephone number that can search from desktop, to desk phone, from mobile phone to any of your devices to find you, means it's easy to manage. The solution can be fully managed via one web page. So you can control, monitor and access your entire voice services easily online.

Technical Information

The solution is designed to meet the requirements of every organisation. For businesses that don't run Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005, an alternative desktop phone Soft phone is available, and SIP trunking is available for businesses that want to connect directly to their Private Branch eXchange (PBX), without the cost and hassle of having to upgrade their owned equipment. With Interoute One you get all the advantages that moving to VoIP brings without any of the usual migration costs.

About Interoute Interoute is the owner operator of Europe's most advanced and densely connected voice and data network, encompassing over 53,000 kms of lit fibre. Its full-service next generation network serves more than 12,000 customers from retail to aerospace, every major European incumbent as well as the major operators of North America, East and South Asia, governments, universities and research agencies. These organisations find Interoute the ideal partner for hosting content, providing wholesale transit services, corporate access or creating new services. With established operations throughout mainland Europe, North America and Dubai Interoute also owns and operates dense city networks throughout Europe's major business centres. More than 1 billion in e-commerce transactions flows through its data centres each day, making Interoute a key part of Europe's Digital Supply Chain.

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