European Competitive Telecommunications Association

20 years of promoting competition for the greater good of society

Building on the Effectiveness of the European Model to Empower the European Economy and Its Citizens:
Leveraging Diversity in Electronic Communications
5 March 2024, 12h00 - 15h00
L42 Business Center, Rue de la Loi 42, Brussels
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Brussels, 6 February 2023, ecta appreciates the efforts of the European Commission, Parliament, and Council in achieving a political agreement on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act, which could have been a major step forward in achieving connectivity targets. Unfortunately, ecta is concerned that the outcome does not sufficiently reflect the ambitions to which the telecom industry is committed within the EU and arrives too late. Read More

Joint Statement on the future of EU telecoms regulation

BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation and ecta, the european competitive telecommunications association, express their concerns and observations on the current discussions regarding the future regulatory framework governing the EU telecoms sector.  Read More


ecta response to the exploratory consultation by the European Commission on “the future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure”

A diversified electronic communications sector allowing a variety of market participants (large and small) to offer a diversity of services and products is a prerequisite to unleash the innovation potential resulting from the digitization of the EU economy. This is all the more necessary to meet the needs of businesses and public administrations. Indeed, history has proven that the fear for cannibalisation of existing business models seriously impedes well vested companies from innovating.  Read More


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