European Competitive Telecommunications Association

Ilse Van der Haar

Group Director of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Tele2 AB

Ilse is a competition lawyer with a PhD from TILEC on the principle of technological neutrality (2008). She spent almost 5 years at the Dutch Telecoms and Competition Regulator (later merged into ACM) being - among others roles -  a project manager for the market analysis television, responsible for the implementation of net neutrality regulation, and a member of the Detection Team unit.

She has been with Tele2 since 2014, when she joined as Regulatory Manager for the Netherlands. She moved to the Tele2 Group office in Stockholm in January 2015, to take on the role of Group Head of Regulatory Affairs. In this role, she was responsible for the overall regulatory strategy of the Tele2 Group and the group external relations with governments and regulatory bodies in the Tele2 Footprint (Nordic Europe, Central Europe and Eurasia), as well as implementing strategies internally to mitigate business risks and enhance opportunities arising from regulation.

In December 2016 she was promoted to Group Director of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Responsibility. In this role, she is in addition to her regulatory tasks responsible for developing and executing on the CR strategy for the Tele2 Group. During the last 1,5 years, Ilse has been responsible for managing two regulatory approval processes before the European Commission for the Tele2 Group: The Swedish merger between Tele2 and ComHem (Phase 1, clearance) and the Dutch merger between T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands (Phase 2).

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