European Competitive Telecommunications Association

Josée van den Berg

Manager Regulatory Affairs, Tele2 Netherlands AB

Josée van den Berg is working for almost 20 years as regulatory manager within Versatel International NV and since the acquisition by Tele2 of the Benelux branch, late 2005, for Tele2/Versatel.

She was responsible for the first DSL/ULL operation within Versatel and as a consequence of this role she has been responsible for regulatory affairs within Versatel /Tele2 Netherlands BV since in 1999 with a strong focus on ULL regulation. After 6 years of teaching chemistry and economics she started working in the Telecommunication industry in 1985 as a Datacom and Network teacher and consultant for Impact and AKAM Expertise BV. Prior to working for Tele2/Versatel she worked from 1995-1998 as a telecommunications consultant at DDV focusing on new entrants in the Benelux.

From 1992-1995 she was responsible for IDC’s European Telecommunications market research center.
Josée studied at the University of Utrecht and holds an economics and chemistry degree from the teachers college.


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