European Competitive Telecommunications Association

L'Associazione Aiip si è costituita nel Giugno 1995 ed è passata alla fase operativa nell'autunno dello stesso anno.

Attualmente conta tra i propri associati 44 operatori di telecomunicazioni che hanno un fatturato di circa 1,9 miliardi di euro ed hanno effettuato investimenti per più di 1,3 miliardi di euro negli ultimi 5 anni.
Obiettivi principali:

- La definizione e la diffusione di standard qualitativi e regole di comportamento nell'ambito dell'offerta Internet 
- La promozione della rete Internet come strumento produttivo ed efficace per le aziende come per gli utenti finali 
- Il coordinamento di iniziative di ricerca di interesse comune per gli associati, su argomenti tecnologici e di mercato 
- L'istituzione di rapporti con organizzazioni internazionali con finalità simili 

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BABTO - Branch Association of Bulgarian Telecommunication Operators

The mission of Branch Association of Bulgarian Telecommunications Operators (BABТО) is to protect the interests of its members by improving the terms and conditions for electronic communications through electronic communications networks, including the pay-TV, Internet and telephony market, in order to facilitate and promote business opportunities and the quality of services provided to end-users.

The Main values of the association are:

  • Transparency and constructive cooperation
  • Ethical behaviour and responsible business relationships
  • Equality and restriction of unfair practices
  • Protect principles of market economy

Our basic commitments:

  • Sharing information and best practices with Bulgarian and European NGOs working in the field of telecommunications.
  • Conducting market research and in-depth analysis related to the telecommunications industry.
  • Organize and participate in seminars and discussions aiming at increasing public awareness.
  • Implement Codes of conduct and issue statements on updates of existing legislation.
  • Exchange of information with Bulgarian state authorities and EU bodies with regard to competition matters, copyright and media law.

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Company biography: ISPA was founded in 1997 as a non-profit association which represents the interests of more than 200 members from all sectors around the Internet industry as a voluntary interest group. 

Mission statement: ISPA is the major voice of the Austrian Internet industry. Our goal is to shape the economic and legal framework supporting the optimal development of the Internet and Internet services. We regard the use of the Internet as an important social skill and acknowledge the resulting socio-political responsibilities.

Description: ISPA represents Austria’s digital economy, acts as its voice towards politics and the public and facilitates communication within the industry. ISPA provides its members with expertise and know-how in legal affairs, develops statements on relevant legislation, templates for general business terms and conditions or safety concepts. Furthermore ISPA offers its members free training as part of the ISPA Academy. Additionally, ISPA informs it’s members about developments at the national and European level and directs events such as the ISPA Forum or the Internet Summit Austria. Through numerous cooperations, ISPA can offer its members various benefits such as discounts for congress tickets or magazine subscriptions.

Above all, ISPA takes its responsibility for society very serious, for instance through the so called Stopline – a hotline against child pornography and National Socialism founded by ISPA – or free information material for the promotion of online media competence, especially for children and adolescents.

Current President is Ing. Harald Kapper
Secretary General is Dr. Maximilian Schubert

For further information or questions please contact office (a) or call us under +43 1 409 55 76.

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Telecommunication union of Slovak republic

Telekomunikačná únia Slovenskej republiky


TUSR is an independent and non-political association. The members are telecommunication operators who have committed to conduct business ethically, support economic competition and focus on the development of electronic communication networks and services in Slovakia for the benefit of consumers. Operators from TUSR deal with the competition decisively, but in good faith, in accordance with the principles of fair and open competition rules and in the interest of the good name of the entire industry.

The goal of TUSR is to create partnerships and submit initiative proposals in order to solve shortcomings that negatively affect competition and make doing business in Slovakia even more difficult. The members of TUSR are represented by experienced managers and technicians, cooperating with renowned international experts in the field of regulation, law and communication, who act on the so-called best practice of EU member countries.


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UKCTA mission is to advocate industry regulation that is pro-competition and does not favour the nation’s largest monopoly incumbent.  For this reason, we focus on working closely with the industry regulator Ofcom, the Government and other relevant organisations.

Who we are:
 we are one the leading voices in the UK fixed telecommunications industry, counting the majority of the market’s main players as our members.  

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Der VATM repräsentiert den Wettbewerb auf dem deutschen Telekommunikationsmarkt

Im Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten (VATM) haben sich mehr als 160 der im deutschen Markt operativ tätigen Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensteunternehmen zusammengeschlossen. Alle stehen im Wettbewerb zum Ex-Monopolisten Deutsche Telekom AG und repräsentieren rund 80 Prozent des von den privaten Anbietern erzielten TK-Gesamtumsatzes. 

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The Independent ICT Industry Committee | VNICTP

The Committee brings together companies and organizations active in the ICT sector that are interested in maintaining and developing a competitive environment and creating conditions for the development of the digital industry in the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the association is therefore to develop a healthy competitive environment as one of the most important elements of sustainable development and to emphasize the principles and rules of free competition within the European Union.

The basic activity of the association is to represent its members in relation to state authorities in the creation of rules and legislation concerning the regulation of business in electronic communications.

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