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Meinrad Spenger, CEO, MásMóvil


Born in Austria in 1975, Meinrad Spenger studied Law in Graz/Austria and Trieste/Italy and completed a MBA in I.E/Madrid and SDA Bocconi/Milan.

Meinrad worked as a consultant for five years at McKinsey & Company, where he served as Engagement Manager and gained extensive international experience in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain, and in several sectors including telecommunications.

In 2006 he founded MASMOVIL, together with his friend Christian Nyborg, and holds the CEO position since then. MASMOVIL evolved from a start-up to the 4th Telecom operator in Spain with both, mobile and broadband infrastructure, exceeding 1bn€ of revenues and market cap, 500 employees and c. 5million clients. MASMOVIL is currently the fasted growing operator in the Spanish market and focuses on customer satisfaction and a beneficial value for money proposition.

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